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Business Analytics

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invue live : smart retail analytic solution


Real-Time Visibility

Meeting the needs of today’s retail environment is increasingly difficult. InVue LIVE gives retailers greater control.

invue 3100v low profile wireless security for retail


Stand Tall. Move Freely.

A visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires.

invue onepod wireless consumer electronics anti-theft

OnePOD Wireless

The Ultimate Experience

OnePOD Wireless uses industry leading wireless technology to provide superior customer experience and improved service without compromising security.

invue osa sensor : on shelf availability sensor e-inventory

OSA Sensor

Instant and Accurate

Through quick set up and continuous visibility, OSA Sensor provides retailers with accurate tracking of your most important SKUs and delivers alerts when shelves are empty — so you never miss a sale.

invue tv manager : smart cost saving retail solution

TV Manager

One system to

manage all your TVs

TV Manager is a single system that automates management of all displays across your stores, delivers real-time status alerts, and reports on planogram compliance resulting in improved operational efficiency at all levels.

invue onekey ir4 : internal theft loss prevention in retail


Data is the key.

The key is data.

OneKEY instantly transfers interactions to Access Manager, where you can assign access zones, deauthorize keys, as well as understand who interacted with what, and when. Operating on InVue LIVE’s LoRa network, 


wireless phone stand security - invue

Retail Security

Provides security in-display merchandise, hanging merchandise, cabinets and drawer locks.

retail analytics data system - invue

Software Analytics

In-store visibility, security and retail analytics for better decision making.

invue mobile pos system - ipad stands and casing

Business Solutions

Provides best-in-class products for tablet deployment in any business application.

Brand Solutions

Create custom display solutions that promote and protect your latest innovations.